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SprinkleXchange is a global asset exchange for multiple currencies and publicly listed companies, with decentralized clearing and settlement through the Ethereum blockchain.
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Next Generation Capital Market

Today it is prohibitively expensive to go public, thereby blocking smaller companies from listing on an exchange. This will be solved by our Sprinkl­eXchange IPO listing process built on blockchain technology, where our efficiencies will make all forms of public fund-raising simpler and more cost-effective. 

SprinkleXchange will serve as an IPO platform where all companies, regardless of size or location,  will be able to go public through a traditional IPO (Initial Public Offering) or an STO (Security Token Offering) and instantly gain access to a global pool of investors. All listed securities will be traded and cleared using tokenization.

One Platform - All Your Investments

SprinkleXchange enables traders to instantly convert cryptocurrencies into stocks and other securities. Investors will be able to build the most diverse portfolio possible, and quickly spread out risk between different asset classes. It opens up a market which is 200 times larger than the current cryptocurrency market.

Buy Low, Sell High

SprinkleXchange will come equipped with Smart Order Routing. What does that mean? Let’s say you want to buy Bitcoin. You place your trade, and SprinkleXchange will systematically choose the execution destination based on where the best price is offered. You will automatically buy at the lowest price available on the market, and sell at the highest price available on the market.

It's as simple as that.

Fully Compliant

SprinkleXchange is fully licensed and compliant with all rules and security regulations. Sprinkl­eXchange is licensed as a stock & crypto exchange in multiple regions.

Top-Level Security

SprinkleXchange will operate with the highest standards of encryption and security setup. Our solution for masking private information is patent pending. Furthermore, SprinkleXchange is a member of Privacy Shield, ensuring high protection of our users' data.

Currency Agnostic

All listed securities on SprinkleXchange can be matched with any currency, meaning you will be able to trade using whichever currency you want.

Powered by SprinkleCoin

SprinkleCoin will be the vehicle used for swapping between different asset classes on SprinkleXchange. Let’s take Bitcoin as an example again. Sell Bitcoin for SprinkleCoin, and then use your SprinkleCoins to instantly reinvest in Apple stock, for example.

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Made Social By SprinkleBit

Are you new to investing? Don't know where to begin? Don't worry, we've got you covered. SprinkleBit is a social network where you can learn how to make great investments by trading in a simulator, reading university chapters, following friends and top investors and a whole lot more!

SprinkleBit's bespoke VPI (Value Prediction Index) is what got us started back in 2011. It's derived from crowdsourced data from our community, and can give our users accurate predictions regarding a stock's or crypto's future. Smart right?

"Investments Made Easy" is SprinkleBit's tagline.
Download the app and discover why!

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